Why Direct Mail Works

Why Direct Mail Works

direct mail works

Direct mail has shelf-life

Not all advertising mail is treated as “junk” and thrown in the garbage. Coupons, special promotions, and “save the date” items may end up on the refrigerator or coffee table for use at a later date. It’s difficult to predict how or when people will respond to offers, but we often hear stories from our clients about buyers coming into their stores holding coupons that were mailed months ago.

Monitor your response

Coupons are a sure fire way of knowing if your direct mail campaign is working. Include a “call to action” on your mail piece that is unique and can be directly linked to your mailing campaign. Source codes or “priority codes” are effective ways to see which lists are providing the best responses. But we all know the best way to measure your results is by looking at your bottom line….when your business increases you’ll know your direct mail campaign is working.

Lead consumers to your website

Some skeptics today say that the internet will eventually phase out direct mail. There is no doubt that people are going online more often today to obtain information. Websites have become the new “front lobby” for businesses, providing almost anything you want to know about a company with a few clicks of a mouse. However, there has to be a reason for someone to visit your website, and direct mail can be the teaser that points them in that direction.

Effective advertising

Anything you can do to keep your name in front of your customers is important to retention of those customers. Whether you’re building “brand name awareness” or just reminding your customers that you’re ready to serve them, direct mail advertising accomplishes that. Compared to radio, television or newsprint, direct mail is still the best value in advertising.