Direct Mail is the Betty White of Marketing

Direct Mail is the Betty White of Marketing

(excerpted from Debora Haskel – January 17, 2014)

When the approval of the postal rate increase was announced, it resulted in a flood of headlines proclaiming, in one form or another, the demise of direct mail. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Direct mail is a marketing darling.
In fact, I like to joke that direct mail is the Betty White of marketing. Here are six traits they have in common:

1. Like Betty, direct mail has experienced a renaissance in popularity in recent years, even though they’ve both been around far longer than their competition.

2. Both can play a leading or supporting role. Betty evolved from her early days with a radio program called “The Betty White Show” to her recent career resurgence in comedic sitcoms as one of the ensemble actors. Direct mail has had a similar role, experiencing a resurgence in vertical markets including financial services and automotive. While it has evolved from a stand-alone marketing tool to a key element of an integrated marketing plan, it still can command the spotlight.

3. Both Betty and direct mail have become more sophisticated in how they appeal to their audiences. Betty’s quips are more topical and delivered with perfect timing. Direct mail is more targeted and delivered with perfect timing.

4. Both drive the desired response.

5. Betty and direct mail have a strong following among the younger generation. It was a viral Facebook movement that landed her a spot as host of SNL in 2010, and her 2012 show “Off Their Rockers” initially rated very high with the 18-49 demographic. Direct mail is also well received by younger markets.

6. Like Betty’s ability to attract new viewers to a show, direct mail remains the best way to attract new customers to your product or service.