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We know that accuracy is the key to a successful Direct Marketing project. Better quality provides better delivery rates, higher responses, lower postage prices, and a better return on investment.

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Database Acquisition
Successful mailings begin with perfect lists! Who you are mailing to is just as important as what you’re mailing. Select Mailing can acquire databases tailored to your company or organizations specific demographic profile to send your mailing to people that will hear your “call to action”!

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Data Processing
Our postal processing software will ensure you pay the lowest postage rate with the highest degree of deliverability, utilizing the National Change of Address (NCOA) Link and the address matching power of CASS.

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Data Cleansing – Merge/Purge
Select Mailing can take your multiple contact databases, merge all of the contents into one file, delete any duplicates (either by name or by address) if required, and eliminate undeliverable or undesirable entries on your mailing list.

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Database Management
Select Mailing can manage your database by keeping it current and relevant for future communications. We have a redundant facility for safeguarding your data.