Case Studies

Case Studies

                    Generating business through service notices

gear iconWhen an appliance company noticed that their service business was falling off, the general manager decided to send a “service notice” letter to everyone they had on record that owned one of their appliances. The “service notice” outlined all the benefits to having regular service and filter changes for the different appliances. Immediately after the mailing went out, their service business increased. What surprised them, however, was the surge in new appliance sales. They had to attribute the increase in new sales to the “service notice” mailing that reacquainted them with their customers.


                   Non-profit profits from using direct mail service

focus-icon5A nonprofit organization had been using “volunteers to facilitate their mailing duties for years.” After reviewing the needs of the nonprofit, we found that by utilizing the capabilities and processes of Select Mailing, we were able to almost completely offset the costs of our services through postage savings alone. The end result was that the nonprofit could outsource their mailing service needs, at little to no additional cost, and redeploy their volunteers to help serve the true mission of their organization.


                   The Accounting department focuses on accounting, not mailing

calculatorA manufacturer of pool cleaning equipment had always handled mailing their statements in house. As the number of their dealers increased to nearly six thousand, the company found its accounting department inundated with the minutia of getting statements to their customer on a timely basis. Not to mentioned getting paid in a timely manner. When Select Mailing stepped in, we were able to let the company retain control of printing their statements (which was a must for them), but automate the folding, inserting and sorting of the statements, which created postage savings great enough to pay for nearly all of our services. Now the accounting department was freed up to actually do some accounting.


                   Magazine publisher cuts cost and improves delivery

world green arrowA prominent magazine publisher distributed a sample copy of each bi-weekly issue to their local advertisers (totaling nearly one thousand copies). Through a courier service, they distributed their magazine to various markets and distribution bins. They also used the courier to deliver a copy to the advertiser. As the cost of gasoline increased, they realized that that they had to find a more cost effective way of distributing the advertiser copies. They tried mailing the advertising copies “in house”, but were spending nearly $2.00 per delivered piece, not to mention putting undue stress on their marketing department. Select Mailing stepped in, took the job over and was able to save the client both time and money, while ensuring a timely delivery of each sample copy to their advertisers.