Customer Resources

Customer Resources

File Transfer


If you need to send your data file to Select Mailing through our FTP server, follow these steps:

  1. Contact your Select Mailing representative to receive a FTP password.
  2. Name the file you wish to upload beginning with your company name, a period, and your project name. For example, “SelectMailing.Newsletter”.
  3. If you have FTP software or are using Internet Explorer (for Windows only):
    1. Connect to
    2. The user name is
    3. The password will be supplied to you by your Select Mailing representative
    4. Now transfer a copy of the file(s) from your computer and upload them to the Select Mailing FTP site.

Client Tools & Forms

  1. Select Mailing New Client Credit Application (fill out and submit online)
  2. Credit Card Authorization (fill out and submit online)
  3. NCOA Processing Acknowledgement Form (fill out and submit online)
  4. Select Mailing Indicia
    1. First Class Presort
    2. Presort Standard
    3. Non-Profit