About Us – Select Mailing Direct Mail Marketing

Select Mailing is a full-service direct mail marketing company and a leader in the direct mail and marketing industry. The company’s services include mailing lists, graphic design, printing, personalized printing, data processing, mailing services, and marketing solutions. In addition, we provide fulfillment services as well as, sales and marketing business plans, campaigns and consulting services.

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We believe that technology and data are the key to managing sophisticated direct mail programs. Our passionate team of experts take pride in their ability to deliver award-winning creative services and data analytics integrated with our core competencies that create exceptional results for our customers.

Since its inception in 1990, the company has helped thousands of businesses expand through the use of direct mail marketing techniques, having facilitated nearly 55,000 mail projects. Our team includes direct mail professionals with over two hundred years of combined experience delivering successful campaigns. We maintain a low-employee-turnover rate by selecting our employees with care, by training them well to do their jobs, and by having the sort of company where people like to come to work.


Our Mission

Select Mailing’s purpose is to help people – business owners, company and corporate executives and entrepreneurs – succeed in business by providing them the ultimate in direct mail marketing that achieve for them their desired result and puts them in the driver’s seat to their own expansion through direct mail marketing. It is our goal to help businesses across this great nation thrive.


Our Culture

At Select Mailing we operate as a team. We are all responsible for creating a completely successful company as well as a great place to work. We all work industriously and efficiently; yet at the same time, it is part of the company’s philosophy to keep it light and fun. It was always the intention for this company to be an enjoyable place to work. Employees are treated with respect and care and in turn they demonstrate a passion to give their best back to the company.