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The best direct mail campaigns the strongest offers… and the best looking mail pieces are nothing more than “dust in the wind” unless they reach their intended target audience! The U. S. Postal Service reports that nearly 20% of all families change residences every year… and 50% of middle and upper management personnel change jobs or companies every year! In all, this represents approximately 44 million people and businesses on the move annually.

The goal of our Data Processing department is to make sure that your mail zigs and zags through the mail stream in order to reach its ultimate destination. To accomplish this, we utilize a number of strategies to speed delivery, reduce waste, and lower printing, mailing, and postage costs… from NCOA(National Change of Address) Link which updates address changes “on the fly”, to Ancillary Service Endorsements (such as Address Service Requested, Change Service Requested, Forwarding Service Requested, or Address Service Requested).

At the same time, we can eliminate costly duplication while correcting and standardizing street addresses, city names, and zip codes to match the U. S. Postal Service standards — and presort by carrier route (if applicable) in order for your mail to qualify for maximum postage discounts. With postal rates higher than ever you’ll want to take advantage of our postal discount data processing software. We can address standardize, append zip +4+2, add carrier routes and barcode information to your file. We can presort your file for non-profit mail, standard mail, first class mail with both automation and non-automation rates.

Most of our clients don’t understand exactly what we do or how we assure that their mail reaches its destination. But they definitely appreciate knowing that we are masters of postal data processing…that we provide effective leadership and proven solutions to maximize their direct mail effectiveness… eliminate unnecessary expense… and increase their return on investment.

Our Data Processing people receive and handle data in just about every format and media type. Just send us your file and we will work our magic. You can send it via email, or on disk, CD-ROM, etc. We can convert and reformat nearly any type of file, using it as is, or cleaning it to the bone. We can de-dupe your file and delete any non-deliverable records. If you need us to upper/lower case, genderize, salutate and punctuate – no problem.

At Select Mailing, we are in the business of organizing and maximizing your customer data. We have the tools to create an efficient database that you couldn’t get any other way.

If you don’t have your own data file we can supply you with one. Just provide us the criteria and we will get you a count. Select Mail uses only top quality consumer and business databases. All our databases are CASS certified and sent through National Change of Address (NCOA) updates. Our data entry department is ready when you are, focused on quick turnaround with a high level of accuracy.

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