Database Acquisition

Database Acquisition


The right prospect list is the most important ingredient for a successful direct mail campaign. Conversely, the wrong list – a list with too many low probability prospects – will almost ensure failure. The truth is: who you are mailing to is just as important as what you are mailing.

Select Mailing can acquire databases tailored to your company or organization’s specific demographic profile to send your mailing to people that will hear your “call to action“! Our targeted consumer mailing lists will help you increase your customer base therefore increasing your sales.

Maybe you’ve been disappointed by the response of other mailings. Allow us to select target mailing lists that will reach new prospective customers. Let our experts help you to expand your client base by finding new groups to get your information to. We may find audiences that you never thought of pursuing.

First, we analyze your current customer list to find demographic trends which include: geographic information, census data, and personal interests. Next, we work with our national list procurement partners to obtain the most current lists of potential customers whose demographics match those of your current customers. Then we tailor a specific database for your exact project. We are constantly reviewing the effectiveness of each database, and are always ready to make adjustments and try new audiences in order to serve you. We can help you increase your potential by expanding your prospective customer database.

Select Mailing brings a wealth of experience and expertise from a wide range of professional disciplines. For over 20 years, the expert list advisers at Select Mailing have been helping businesses just like yours exceed their goals in direct mail. We do this by constantly adding to our knowledge and understanding of consumer and business databases so that we can help you with our expertise. Why look elsewhere for this kind of information when you can rely on Select Mailing?

You can be certain our list experts will understand your particular market needs, and help you build the perfect mailing list that will generate the maximum results from your marketing campaign.

Imagine what your business could accomplish with direct and steady access to countless possible customers. The thought probably inspires little green dollar signs and exponentially climbing profit lines on complicated data charts, right? You are not alone!

Your answer to reaching these prime consumers is here – Select Mailing is your #1 resource for database acquisition and consumer mailing lists. We are proud to have unrivaled list sources and unsurpassed customer service, and we will work tirelessly to deliver exactly what you need.

It’s time to discover what Select Mailing can do for your consumer database.