Variable Data Printing: The Personalized Touch

When Variable Data Printing is utilized in your marketing campaign, the results can be likened to “letting the genie out of the bottle”. Clients report response rates triple to as much as ten times higher than traditional direct mail pieces. By adding Variable Data to you direct marketing campaign, the personalized mail pieces capture your audience’s attention and engage them with content pertinent to each individual recipient.

When you speak to your recipients on a “one to one” basis, using text, graphics and offers crafted to their individual needs and wants:

  • You Receive Larger Orders
  • Your Cost Per Response is Lowered
  • Your Build an Annuity through Repeat Business

Each printed piece in your direct mail marketing campaign can use the same basic design template but each one being printed pulls variable data from your customer database. Such data can be “dear” salutations, geographic locations, customized messages with customer’s name, and personalized URL’s (PURL’S). Even images can be tailored by customer and included as a variable element to achieve maximum visual impact. Variable Data Printing is the most effective tool for increasing the ROI for your direct marketing campaigns.

Here are some examples of how this customization can be used:

  • A car dealership can send service reminders featuring the customer’s name, vehicle make & model, vehicle mileage….and even a picture of the vehicle.
  • A spa can boost revenue and customer rapport when it targets its message to include text, images and information tailored to each customer’s favorite service.
  • A retail outlet can draw more frequent shoppers by personalizing its direct mail advertising according to each customer purchase history and products they have shown the most interest in.
  • Even doctor’s offices, real estate agents, veterinarians, lawyers, business services and so on can now communicate more personally with all their customers at once.

You will find the best variable data printing service and all of the necessary elements for a successful direct mail marketing campaign right here at Select Mailing. We know this business, and we know what works. Allow us to help boost your responses by adding in the personalized touch of Variable Data Printing.