Mailing Preparation : Getting It Where It Needs To Go

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Mailing Preparation for your direct mail pieces for distribution is another important part of our service to you. You could address, sort and prepare the mail yourself and deliver it to the post office but you must be aware of all the regulations that must be followed to receive the discounts you are claiming. You need a mailing service that specializes in mail preparation and distribution – Select Mailing! We will save you time and money in the long run. We have the expertise to prepare your mailing to obtain the best postage discount applicable. Saving a few cents per piece can result in a substantial savings to you.

Through our data department with their postal processing software and our production department with their industrial inkjet machines and automated inserting machines, we use a process called pre-bar coding in order to offer you the highest postage discounts.

Pre-bar coding is the process in which the Postnet or Intelligent Mail Bar Code is printed on the mail item. Each mail piece has a different code. We create the bar code by importing the data from the mailing list into CASS & USPS Certified software. The CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) software is certified by the USPS for verifying address accuracy. This software will remove any undeliverable addresses. After the software removes the undeliverable addresses, it will then add the Zip+4 code to the mailing list and presort it to get you the lowest postage rate available for your mailing. Then when the address and the presorted bar code are inkjetted directly on to the mail piece. The address may be printed directly on to a letter when it is personalized and the bar code would be printed along with it. Presorted bar coding will result in postage savings and improves the efficiency of the mail process which should result in quicker delivery of your direct mail package. The delivery accuracy of your mail package will also improve with the addition of the bar code.

There are specific guidelines that must be followed during mailing preparation for your mail pieces to be delivered by the USPS. There are different guidelines for the different mail classes, different presort levels, different types of packages (letters, cards, flats, parcels, etc.), pre-bar coding, and for automated mail. These guidelines deal with packaging, sorting the mail in trays and sacks, markings on individual pieces, and supporting documentation that must accompany your mailing. We understand this system inside and out, and we can get your specific piece out to the public in the most efficient and timely manner. Allow us to use our knowledge of the direct mail industry to get your mail where it needs to go quickly, and at the lowest postage cost. We are your best choice for mailing preparation.

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