Database Management: Keeping everything Current

Select Mailing can manage your database by keeping it current and relevant for future communications. We have a redundant data facility for safeguarding your data. We know the importance of data security… all your data is stored on a dedicated server and is secured to ensure complete protection of your information, and only authorized personnel have access to that data. Whether your data is in a flat excel file or a complicated relational format we have the technical expertise and know-how to get the most out of your database and improve your response rates.

In order to use direct mail efficiently, developing and maintaining a database list is vital. In order for that customer base to remain current and effective, database management is required and we’re here to do all of that for you.

It would be nearly impossible to go through your data and make the necessary updates on your own. At Select mailing we have thedatabase management tools and the expertise to do the work for you. Not only that, but we are able to handle all of these little details in a timely manner so that none of your time is wasted, and you can get your information into the public’s hands as soon as possible!

Well set up database management can provide many benefits. We want to ensure that the people or companies on your list are deliverable. That is, the mailings you produce using your list will get where you want them to go – into the hands of the individual who is most likely to respond to your offer. It is also vital that the list be kept up-to-date and accurate so that you can utilize it again for future mailings. Select Mailing offers you the ability to relax and allow our experts to keep your secure information ready at a moment’s notice.

Our Database Management involves consistent file updates as well as personal overview by the meticulous eye of our experts. We do everything in our power to ensure that you feel that your data is being managed with the utmost care. Critical business decisions are based on data that must be readily available and accessible. Ensuring that database and application environments are performing at service levels that support these business requirements is our job.

Select Mailing’s database management solutions span multiple platforms, to deliver the service of keeping all of your data up-to-date and accurate. We’ll enable you to get your information into the hands of your target audience without all the hassle that goes along with maintaining a database. Select Mailing will remove duplicates, scan data for discrepancies, and pre-sort mailing so that you can get the maximum amount of postal reductions.

Your customer data may be your most important asset. We automate the management of your information and enable you to send your customers offers relevant to their individual attributes. If you’re like most companies, you have a diverse customer base. Allow us to carefullymanage all of your data and keep all of it secure and immediately accessible.