Data Cleansing – Merge/Purge

Data Cleansing – Merge/Purge


At Select Mailing, we know Direct Mail and we know what it takes to make it effective. One of the most significant factors in the success of Direct Mail projects is Data Integrity. Our staff are highly-trained in sophisticated Data Cleansing processes, which include merging/purging of multiple database and duplication removal. We will work closely with you to define specific criteria for records you want to keep and will remove the ones that do not meet that criteria.

With Select Mailing’s Data Cleansing services, you can be confident that our top focus is helping you:

  • increase efficiency by merging your multiple databases and purging redundant and/or unnecessary information from your address lists
  • maximize response to your direct marketing offers by ensuring you have accurate mailing information
  • save money by limiting duplicate mail and redundant mailers to multiple people living at the same address

We know the merge/purge and duplication removal techniques well and will use that knowledge to your advantage.

Not only do we offer data cleansing tools and suppression software to help you select targeted customers for a specific offer, but also database management systems that share consistent data across all business units.

Make your project the most efficient it can be by letting our data cleansing experts do the hard work for you.


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