USPS Alert!!!


USPS Alert!!!

As most people that deal with the United States Postal Service know, the only constant with the USPS is CHANGE! And the USPS has some pretty good size changes coming in 2013 that we need to make you aware of:Like “Tax Day” make’s some shudder every April 15th, the seemingly annual USPS Postage rate increase is set for January 27, 2013. A first class stamp will increase to .46 each and both Presort Standard (including non-profit) and Presort First Class postage rates are slated for an average 2.57% increase. Seems like “deja vu” all over again!

The Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) becomes the ONLY allowable USPS barcode in 2013 to achieve automation postage rates. But what’s the big deal, Select Mailing has been using the IMB for two years now? Correct, but we have still been using the older, smaller Postnet Barcode on variable data laser letters when a window envelope is used. So if your using a standard #10 window envelope, make sure to purchase the “larger window” envelopes (1 1/4″ or 1 3/8″ window height) so the USPS will be able to read the barcode and you can retain your automation postage discount!

Also related to the coming IMB change is for clients that use Business Reply Mail envelopes. Many clients have worked with the USPS to get an updated design with the new IMB. Don’t get caught with a huge stock of Business Reply Envelopes with the old Postnet Barcode in 2013, all they will be good for is starting a bonfire at the beach!

Folded Self-Mailers, 2013 brings a slew of changes for one of the most popular mail piece designs, here are the highlights:

  • Length: Minimum of 5″, Maximum of 10.5″
  • Height: Minimum of 3.5″, Maximum of 6″
  • The final fold MUST be on the BOTTOM of the mail piece.
  • A minimum of two (2) tabs are required for all Folded Self-Mailers.
  • Tabs can no longer be perforated.

Wow, that is a lot of changes! What we all need to be sure of is that we use all of our old stock of Folded Self-Mailers that don’t comply with the new regulations and design all new Folded Self-Mailers and window envelopes with an eye toward the rapidly up-coming changes. Please call your Select Mailing representative with questions on these changes, so we can help make sure all of your mail is arrives at its destination in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest possible postage cost.