Data Cleansing – Merge/Purge

With Data Cleansing there’s no need to send out more mail than is necessary to reach your target audience, yet many companies waste time, materials, and money on sending out duplicate mail, or multiple mailers to people living at the same address.

This doesn’t have to be you! Let the experts at Select Mailings merge your currently existing databases and “purge” any unwanted information that might be lurking in your address lists. Maximize response to your direct marketing offers by making sure you have accurate mailing information. Select Mailing offers data cleansing tools and suppression software to help you select only targeted customers for a specific offer and database management systems that share consistent data across all business units.

The merge/purge process is the removal of duplicate records from your current mailing list. Through this process we will eliminate any unwanted records based on certain criteria that you select. We can help you understand which criteria is the best for your specific needs whether you want data cleansing to remove unwanted data so that you would have one record per address or one record per household, or one name per address or even by miscellaneous other fields like a keycode or unique ID. One record per address means that a mailing listwill be processed to remove all duplicate addresses. Typically a duplicate address represents the entire address. Any records that match will be removed so only one record with that address remains in the list. If there is an apartment or suite number associated with the address then the duplicate record will only be removed if there is an exact match with the apartment or suite number at the address. This will ensure that apartment complexes, condos, townhomes and business parks don’t get unnecessarily removed. You may find that your list contains quite a few families at one address that will be removed using this technique.

The next match type is one record per household. This data cleansing process removes all records that have a last name matching. For example, a record with the last name of Smith at one address will be removed if there is an exact match with another address and name in the data. An example of this would be an individual named Joe Smith and in individual named John Smith living at the same address. One of those records would be removed by utilizing this record removal process. The assumption is that both people are members of the same household.

All of these merge/purge or duplication removals are performed by our experts who are familiar with direct mail and what is needed to ensure the highest level of data integrity. Many of these processes can get quite sophisticated on the back end, but our staff has data cleansing expertise and knows how each process works, and they will use that knowledge to your advantage.

Let our data cleansing experts do the hard work for you, and make sure that you’re allowing us to make your project the most efficient that it can be.